Haus Lamp

Napat Pongpanatnukul, Thailand

Nowadays working behaviour has changed, from the long working station with adjustable lamps to a smaller space and now we work on just only one laptop. In parallel we spend longer time on the Laptop - sometimes from morning till night, from bright till dark. The idea of the lamp was to evolve with the context of how can we illuminate the small working station with laptop to improve a new working behaviour.


Haus is a luminaire that intergrade the function that suitable for working on laptop by used a folding aluminium sheet for a stopper for laptop, twos of usb C for charging gadget. A symmetrical of tube connect the base and top part together as a imitation of mini architecture. A slim row of LEDs is recessed into a flat top surface. The light is conducted to the edges of the glass and layer of diffuser to creates a sufficient

Napat Pongpanatnukul