Shoe sole hold

Tuo Lei (Pdd_kicks), Japan

The climbing holder is made of recyclable shoe sole material. In sneaker industry there is a massive problem of recycling materials such as EVA, rubber, and various textures. Rubber shoe sole is one of the significant material that has been using on sneaker’s sole. Its most prominent feature is considered to be slip resistance. The idea of the project is to apply this rubber granulate material to a climbing holder for in-door climbing. In comparison to the ordinary one, rubber provides users a softness sensations and at the same time prevent from slipping. Additionally, the rock-like outfit, due to combining different colour granulates, gives the manufacturers the possibility to customize the product. 
Pdd_kicks (Tuo Lei, Go Takahashi)is one of 5 winners of Nike’s Circular Innovation Challenge that sought breakthrough innovations for a more circular future. Launched in February 2018 in partnership with OpenIDEO, this Design with Grind challenge called on designers, engineers and scientists to create new products from Nike Grind, a palette of premium materials (rubber, foam, fiber, leather and textile blends) recovered from used footwear and manufacturing scrap. In October 2018, pdd_kicks was selected as one of 5 winners from more than 600 applications from 58 countries and 35 final prototypes.

Tuo Lei